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12 Best Ecommerce Influencer Marketing Software and Platforms (2023)

Best Ecommerce Influencer Marketing Software and Platforms

Influencer marketing is an amazing way for e-commerce brands to boost their reach and attract more customers.

But with millions of influencers out there, it’s challenging to find authentic partners for collaboration and keep track of everything manually.

Influencer marketing software makes your job easier by automating these time-consuming processes. With this tool, you can establish efficient workflows and comfortably work with multiple influencers.

What is an Influencer Marketing Software and What Features to Look for?

Influencer marketing software is a SaaS platform that gives you access to a content creator database to find niche micro and macro influencers for collaborations.

Some apps are exclusively search engines, but most come with a discovery tool and a CRM to let you recruit and manage your campaigns from one place.

Top Features to Look for In an Influencer Marketing Software;

  • Search engine with filters.
  • Outreach tools.
  • Campaign tracker.
  • Relationship manager.
  • E-commerce integration.

In the below list, you’ll find the 12 best influencer marketing software and platforms for small and established businesses.

Check out my reviews to explore their features and prices.


SARAL provides discovery and automation tools for influencer marketing.

You can use it to find niche content creators, reach out to customers to become your brand ambassador, run product seeding campaigns, and track your ROI.

You can send bulk outreach emails to 100+ influencers every week and oversee your projects in a user-friendly Kanban board. With Chrome extension, you can look up profile states and gather relevant data to make informed decisions.

For companies that need help with the influencer program, SARAL offers expert assistance for a one-time fee. The package covers the initial setup and personalized strategy with a hand-picked list of influencers for collaboration.

Core Features

  • 150+ creator database.
  • Seeding and gifting campaigns.
  • Bulk email outreach.
  • Pay per post commissions.
  • Application form for brand ambassadors.
  • Relationship management.
  • Tracking and analytics.
  • A dedicated manager.
  • Shopify Integration.


SARAL’s monthly subscriptions cost $299. If you’re a startup or a small business, you can purchase a tailored plan for $199.


If you run a Shopify store and mainly rely on loyal customers to get the word out, go for Buzzbassador. The app gives you a centralized platform to recruit content creators, track posts, and pay commissions.

You can publish a custom landing page to invite partners, generate unlimited discount codes, and integrate PayPal to send payments. With outreach automation, you can speed up your response time and stay connected to your partners.

Buzzbassador plans to launch several interesting features soon, which will enable you to create promotion campaigns and offer more reward options to influencers.

Core Features

  • Ambassador program.
  • Landing page and application forms.
  • Referral and affiliates.
  • Bulk action.
  • Analytics.
  • Email automation.
  • PayPal integration.


Buzzbassador prices start from $39. You can explore any package for free and request custom quotes.


Grin is ideal for established organizations.

It’s a creator management platform through which you can find influencers, make deals, and pay for content creation.

You’ll receive all the essential tools to recruit partners and ship products from your e-commerce store. Inside your CRM, you can communicate with influencers and manage multiple projects.

To pay influencers, you can integrate your PayPal account with Grin. With trackable codes and reports, you can get measurable data on your campaign spending, engagements, and conversions.

Grin also provides a content management tool. It allows you to search your partners’ best-performance posts and reuse them in other campaigns.

Core Features

  • Influencer discovery and recruitment.
  • Relationship management.
  • Product seeding.
  • Email communication.
  • Social listening.
  • Payment support.
  • Content repurposing.
  • Tracking and analytics.


Grin shares prices on request.


Klear offers access to 30+ million YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok content creators.

Here, you can quickly find influencers with filters, get a profile analysis to identify niche partners and check their past collaborations to predict your campaign success. Using in-app messaging, you can reach out to interested parties to discuss deal terms and send contracts for e-signatures.

Via its built-in CRM, you can work with multiple influencers at a time and monitor valuable metrics to measure your campaign performance. If you work with affiliates, you can also calculate commissions automatically.

Core Features

  • Influencer discovery.
  • Search filters.
  • Profile analysis.
  • Relationship manager.
  • Discount codes
  • Product seeding.
  • In-app communication.
  • Tracking and reporting.
  • Free Twitter analysis tool.


Klear provides a tailored package for e-commerce brands. Request a demo to learn more about it.


Heepsy is a creator search engine.

E-commerce brands can use it to run global searches on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch to recruit micro and nano influencers from all around the world.

It has powerful filters to shortlist profiles that specifically meet your criteria. With AI-powered analysis, you can easily evaluate profile engagements and weed out fake accounts.

Another interesting thing you can do is list creation. You can create a list of your favorite profiles and save them for future reference. Or, you can download them for email outreach campaigns.

Core Features

  • Search engine.
  • Access to Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch accounts.
  • Filters.
  • Profile vetting.
  • Search saving.
  • List export.
  • Bulk action.
  • Monthly reports.
  • In-house support.


Heepsy charges $49 to $169 for up to 40k search results.

You can perform unlimited searches on any plan, but may have to purchase credits to increase your generated results. The maximum volume you can reach is 300k.


Afluencer is a recruitment app. It gives you a platform to post collaboration opportunities and hire micro-influencers.

As you sign up, Afluencer creates a brand page based on your interests and matches you with the relevant partners. Once hired, you can direct them to your company’s Affiliate or Influencer marketing program.

The platform is easy to use and supports 16 different lifestyle product categories. Based on the package you buy; you can invite 3 to 5 partners daily and run up to 100 collaborations.

Other features included in the package are concierge services and editorials. Brands can take help from Afluencer’s team to optimize their recruitment program.

If you want to discover the influencers yourself, you can manually search for influences through filters and send direct messages to connect.

Core Features

  • Influencer discovery.
  • Campaign page.
  • Access to over 225 million content creators.
  • Direct invitation.
  • In-app messaging.
  • Shopify and BigCommerce integration.
  • Concierge services.
  • Promotion tools.


Afluencer’s monthly subscriptions start from $49.


Sauce delivers powerful Instagram influencer marketing features. With this app, you can recruit niche content creators and make the best use of the UCG content.

Via its discovery and relationship management tool, you can access 69+ million profiles, quickly identify top profiles, and manage multiple deals. Using analytics, you can get in-depth insights into your campaigns and easily track conversions.

To boost your in-store sales, you can run UCG campaigns and offer discount codes to buyers in exchange for posts. You can pick the best Instagram photos of your customers and show them on your e-commerce store.

Interestingly, you can turn that UCG content into shoppable posts as well and use them on your Instagram stories. It’s one of Sauce’s core functions, which sets it apart.

Core Features

  • Instagram Influencer marketing.
  • Access to 69+ million accounts.
  • Advanced filters.
  • Profile audit.
  • Relationship management.
  • Campaign tracking.
  • UCG collect.
  • Brand partnership.


Sauce’s prices range between $50 and $600 per month.


Socialcat is built for small-scale businesses.

It’s a recruitment app that connects you to micro-influencers and helps you find the best partner for collaboration.

The software works similarly to Afluencer. You create your account, share your requirements, and receive up to 50 matches per month. And via its dashboard, you can contact influencers and manage collaborations.

But there are a few things that differentiate Socialcat from other recruitment apps. For instance, you can report suspected fake profiles, and leave reviews to share your experience with others.

You can also incorporate USG content in your advertisements, emails, and landing pages. While this feature might not be available on the basic plan, it’s included in the advanced packages.

Core Features

  • Micro-Influencer recruitment.
  • A curated list of the best content creators.
  • Profile states.
  • Messaging.
  • Content licensing.
  • Reviews.
  • Consultation sessions.
  • Admin control.


SocialCat charges $49 for its Basic plan, $99 for its Growth plan, and $179 for its Pro plan.

You can take a free trial to explore it.


Upfluence is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform. Here, you can find content creators, vet profiles, manage campaigns, and pay influencers.

Using its powerful search filter, you can extract profiles from leading social networks, and also from your own customer database. With analytics and outreach tools, you can shortlist profiles and contact them.

The software integrates with major e-commerce platforms and supports product seeding and commission-based campaigns. You can combine both in your proposal and semi-automate your product shipping workflows.

The app is user-friendly and centralizes all your campaigns and communications.

Core Features

  • Influencer, affiliates, and brand ambassador search.
  • Profile vetting.
  • Relationship manager.
  • Gmail and Outlook integrations.
  • Product seeding.
  • Payment support.
  • Coupon codes.
  • Sales tracking.
  • Free Chrome extension.


Upfluence offers several annual subscriptions. Contact sales to get the prices.


Brandwatch delivers a social suite to help you grow your brand reach.

One of its products covers influencer marketing, providing you with tools to hire partners and manage campaigns.

Everything on the platform is centralized to make things easier for you.

You can recruit influencers from all around the world, work with multiple partners, and store data to keep track of your correspondences. With report builder, you can generate real-time reports and keep an eye on your campaign metrics.

This software has some powerful search filters and vetting tools to help you speed up your recruitment process.

Core Features

  • Influencer discovery
  • Search filters.
  • Profile vetting.
  • Outreach.
  • Relationship manager.
  • Sharing links.
  • Automated reporting.
  • White-labeling.
  • Mobile support.


Brandwatch provides prices on request. Book a meeting to get the details.


Tagger offers a robust set of analytics and management tools.

With 50+ search and reporting filters, you can easily find top niche influencers and recruit loyal customers for product promotion. The discovery tool also delivers important signals to help you keep an eye on your target market, competitors, and mentions.

For projects, Tagger provides an intuitive CRM.

You can manage all your workflows inside your CRM, including onboarding, documentation, collaborations, and payments. It also comes with in-app messaging for communication and labeling options to categorize projects.

With its tracking links and reports, you can monitor your campaign performance and measure conversions.

Core Features

  • Search and social listening tool.
  • Custom landing pages.
  • CRM.
  • Payment support.
  • Affiliate link tracking.
  • Customized reports.
  • Labels.
  • Shopify Integration.


Tagger shares separate plans for small, mid, and large-size organizations. Contact sales to get the quotes.


Dealspotr offers an influencer marketplace to small e-commerce stores.

It works as a social network for content creators and brands, where merchants can recruit influencers for free and paid collaborations.

This platform is cost-effective, especially for merchants, because Dealspotr doesn’t charge anything for posting. From publishing to deal completion, everything is free. The only expense you’d probably bear is the promotion compensation for paid campaigns.

That being said, Dealspotr does have a few restrictions. For instance, the prices for paid collaboration are generally pre-determined. You might also need to provide exclusive discount codes to use this platform.

If you’re alright with it, I recommend Dealspotr.

Core Features

  • Micro-influencer discovery.
  • Marketplace for content creators and merchants.
  • Free and paid collaborations.
  • Product shipment and payments.
  • Tracking and reporting.
  • Discount code generation.
  • Workflow automation.


You can get started on Dealspotr for free.

Final Word

Choosing the right software for your influencer marketing program may take a little time, but you can easily weed out irrelevant tools with basic research.

For instance, if you typically work with TikTok Influencers, look for platforms that support that network. Most influencer marketing apps collect profiles from only selected social networks. And some maintain their own database entirely.

Shortlist the platforms that support your preferred social networks and test their features with a free trial to find the best app. Good luck!

Best Ecommerce Influencer Marketing Software and Platforms

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